You are UNIQUE

By looking deeply into your Sun, Moon and Rising signs we can discover our authentic selves. We'll show you how to understand your unique needs when it comes to your self-care, with our simple mini-course tailored to you.

Our mini-course's are ideal if you want to:

Get your energy back

Feel rested and energised ready to take on the day’s challenges

Enjoy self-care

Feel the benefits, not the burden of yet another thing on your to-do list

Know yourself

Understand your movement, nutrition & self care needs designed especially for you

Choose your starsign below to get started

Good vibes from our customers:

Solveig Pettersen

Alexe is so knowledgeable. She’s an inspiration. I felt I had lost myself a bit to motherhood for the past decade and I wanted to learn to connect with my true self and feminine energy again. I’m in the right place.

Roxanne Suédoise

I feel at home, and with the alignment of the astrological perspective and self care it is like I finally found the last piece of a puzzle that always felt incomplete before. I feel very blessed to be a part of Universal Movement, look forward to the journey and strongly recommend it.

Naomi Beinart

My birth chart consultation with Alexe was fascinating. She explained my sun, moon and rising signs. She gave me insights and really valuable tips and tools that I can use to help manage my life throughout each month.

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