April’s New Moon in Aries

April’s New Moon in Aries

moon phases Mar 31, 2022

Spring is slowly emerging, accompanying us through last week’s restorative waning phase into this week’s transition: dark moon to new moon. This phase is a potent time to check in with ourselves – press pause, rest and reflect upon your goals and feelings. This is a time of endings (before bold new beginnings), so you may feel drained and emotional. 

USEFUL CLASS: Dark Moon Restorative Rest

But as we move into the glorious new moon on April 1st, where the sun, moon and earth are all aligned within the vastness of space, your way forward will become clear. As the first sign of zodiac, Aries represents a fresh start, so the new moon falling within this sign amplifies all that bubbling lunar and seasonal energy. Brace yourselves for something big!

But hold your horses (well, your inner ram). We’re still on the cusp, still searching for clarity and sifting through some deep healing moments. We are the gathering storm, not quite ready to unleash the thunder and lightning bolts just yet. Instead, visualise your goals and desires. Fire sign Aries is all about passion and inspiration, so give yourself permission to be assertive and follow your own path. Busy yourself making plans and utilise that immense Aries energy to prepare. Depending on where you’re at with your aspirations and ambitions, you may feel either eager for action or frustrated by obstacles holding you back.

This new moon mantra is to uncover your purpose, plan your course of action over the next month – and you have the universe’s full permission to prioritise yourself. Put your emotional needs first, be confident and believe in yourself.

USEFUL CLASS: New Moon Meditations and Intentions

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