Intention setting with the New Moon in Cancer

moon phases Jun 29, 2022

At this time of year, a lot can feel in flux as we move into the delights of summer, following the rollercoaster vibes of several eclipses and a Mercury retrograde. (Yep, we're gonna keep mentioning it, because that was intense.)

As always, new moon is the perfect time to look forward, set intentions, make plans and get your ducks in a row. And if you’ve ever tried to catch a duck before – let alone multiple ducks - then you know what a tricky task that can be.

The sign of Cancer is strongly connected with the moon – good for us moonwatchers – and influences a number of aspects related to feelings of safety and security. For most of us, that will practically involve the obvious – your home, your garden or outdoor space, or anywhere else you spend a lot of time, as well your family and close friends.

More metaphorically, however, you’ll also be looking at your only true home: your mind and your body. Healing, self-care, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and inner wisdom are all the focal points of the coming weeks.

You may find yourself wanting to change a few things, either in your physical space or your mental one, which will heal, improve, strengthen or ignite positive energy around you. However this manifests itself, go with it – whether you’re normally out for drinks Saturday night but weirdly feel like chilling out at home and redecorating your bedroom instead, or you’re feeling that now is finally the time to step away from a toxic friend, or reconnect with a distant one to rekindle and nurture a valued relationship.

Whatever resonates with you, make a list of outcomes you’d like to manifest and follow your instincts.

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