Body Astrology

What is body astrology?

The belief that various areas of the body corresponded to the twelve astrological signs was a highly-respected one. The Babylonians were the first to find meaning in the constellations, with medical astrology rising in popularity during the time of the Hellenistic period in ancient Greece and Egypt. 

With the understanding that the celestial bodies shape not only the core of our personality but also manipulate specific areas of our physical being, we can use our birth chart and planetary positions to treat or strengthen the aspects of our minds and bodies that may need healing energy.

It’s not just people born under a certain sign who have issues with its corresponding body part. When the sun appears to move into a constellation (actually an illusion caused by the earth’s orbit around the sun), every single one of us can be affected in the corresponding body part. The same applies for when the moon moves into that constellation, although this lasts for a much shorter period of time (approximately 2.5 days). We can use that time to target and nurture that area of the body for strengthening.

This can be carried out through gentle exercise, fitness routines, nutritional adjustments, meditation, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural changes and more. Even holistic therapies like chakra meditation, sound baths, reiki, visualisations can complement these approaches to resolve any issues with your wellbeing and reconnect to the rhythm of the universe.

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