Welcome to the Movement

The first of its kind, our specially-designed classes empower you to reconnect with celestial rhythms, motivating you to hit your goals or giving you permission to rest and reset – all at the perfect time within the lunar cycle.

Are you ready to revive your routine?

Over the 12 months of the year, each new moon and full moon is represented by an astrological sign appearing once in each phase. Each starsign is linked to a planet, a chakra, an emotion, and specific areas of the body.

Universal Movement’s guides and classes follow these cosmic patterns so that we can create balance within ourselves as well; to feel connected to the universe, nature and our own state of being.

With Universal Movement, you can:

Manifest desires

Nurture your soul

Build resilience

Attract Abundance

Live intentionally

Replenish energy

Celebrate sensuality

Banish negativity


“I have dedicated many years of study and research into seasonal changes, lunar phases, astrological signs and energy work. Adding this fascinating knowledge to my 20+ years of expertise in the health and fitness industry, I created Universal Movement to help women replenish and protect their highly in-demand energy. 

Living a more natural lifestyle and understanding the wisdom of these dynamic patterns to help us know when to rest, plan, work and play will add more structure to the everyday. Feeling happier and more creative in our routines – alongside achieving better health and wellbeing – enables us to handle the crazybusy lifestyle that’s typical of modern womanhood.”

Alexe Woods, UM Founder

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