Aquarius ♒️ Season Self care

Unlock the magical secrets of seasonal living in cycles and your unique self care needs with Universal Movement methodology in this Free masterclass. 

In this enriching 20-minute session, you'll explore:

  • The unique energy signature of this zodiac sign

  • Discover its planetary influences

  • Delve into the chakra and element associated with this sign

  • Unveiling the divine masculine or feminine essence through Yin Yang energy

  • Body astrology revelations, along with self-care tips and beauty secrets tailored to this sign

  • Insights into the sleep patterns and habits specific to this signs astrological identity

  • Movement needs and engaging hobby suggestions for the current season

  • Master the art of decoding your "big three" - sun, moon, and rising signs - to unveil the personalised roadmap to your unique self-care needs.

Join us for this immersive experience, where every minute is a step towards aligning with your unique cosmic rhythm and unveiling the secrets to a more magic and connected lifestyle.