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Last quarter moon in Sagittarius - Relaxing stretch, & journaling practice

Waning Moon Wellness Practice: Surrender and Relax

🌙 Introduction:

  • We welcome you to a tranquil space for a waning moon practice that invites you to let go and release.

🌗 Stretching in Body Astrology:

  • Gentle stretches aligned to body astrology and the linking charka.
  • Opening and stretching to release tensions and emotional burdens.
  • Intuitive stretches to ignite energy and encourage self-expression.
  • Grounding practices

📓🕯️ Candle light journaling practice:

  • Bring Light on your thoughts with a candle light astrologically aligned journaling practice.

📿 Closing:

  • Express gratitude with restorative poses for the opportunity to further release and surrender together.
  • Encouraging you to carry the peaceful and reflective energy into the last phases of the waning moon phase.

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