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ARIES 🔥 Energy is everything.

🔥 Unlock Your Inner Fire with Astrological Self-Care! 🔥

Hey, fellow Aries! Are you ready to ignite your passion and embrace your unique astrological makeup for ultimate self-care and fulfillment? In this mini-course, we'll dive into the cosmic wonders that shape your energetic Aries spirit and empower you to thrive in every aspect of your life. A real transformation journey to harness the power of the cosmos and discover how you can truly shine like the fiery star that you are!

In this mini course you can: 

Discover yourself and your unique self care routine:

  • Movement HITT workout
  • Aries Yoga
  • Meditation and Yoga Nidra
  • Aries nutrition 
  • Sleep tips
  • Hobbies
  • Aries energy
  • Mars the ruler of sex and movement
  • Body astrology 
  • Self care E-book
  • Understand your big 3 in your unique chart and understand your Sun (Vitality) Moon sign (emotions) and Rising sign (appearance) 
  • Understand how to replenish your energy 
  • Learn new self care routines aligned to your energy and unique needs. 

1. Embrace Your Aries Essence:

  • As an Aries, you're ruled by the bold and courageous energy of Mars. Learn how to channel this fiery vitality into every facet of your being, from your adventurous spirit to your go-getter attitude.

2. Connect with Your Big Three:

  • Explore the dynamic trio that makes up your astrological DNA: your Aries Sun, your instinctive Moon, and your captivating Rising Sign. Discover how each element influences your personality, emotions, and outward expression, and unlock the secrets to unleashing your full potential.

3. Ignite Your Birth Chart Blueprint:

  • Your birth chart is your cosmic roadmap, guiding you through life's twists and turns with precision. Dive deep into the intricate web of planetary placements, zodiac signs, and cosmic energies that make you the dynamic individual you are. Uncover hidden talents, embrace challenges, and align your actions with the stars for unstoppable success.

4. Embrace Aries-Specific Self-Care:

  • From adrenaline-pumping adventures to moments of mindful reflection, discover tailor-made self-care practices designed to fuel your Aries spirit. Whether it's a spontaneous road trip, a heart-pounding workout, or a creative passion project, find what sets your soul on fire and make it a part of your daily routine.

Join us on this cosmic adventure and unleash the full potential of your Aries spirit! Let's ignite the flames of passion, embrace the thrill of the unknown, and start on a journey of self-discovery like never before. Your destiny awaits – are you ready to seize it?

🔥🌟 Ignite Your Inner Fire and Soar to New Heights with Astrological Self-Care! 🌟🔥

What People Are Saying:

Wow, what can i say... described me down to a T. I love how knowledgeable Alexe is in her craft. She gave me some fantastic advice on how I can optimise my natural abilities, personality and energy through food, exercise and interests. I can't wait to get started with some of the things she suggested to help me feel so much better.


Universal Movement has to be the only programme I've ever stuck to. Alexe is an incredibly talented, well educated individual. Which shines through all the courses within the programme. Being chronically unwell I have final found a teacher who has a deep understanding of not just physical health but spiritual health. The combining of the two has been a 100% total body and mind make over. For the first time in YEARS I feel healthier, happier, stronger and above all else feel like myself again. A massive thank you to Alexe and the strong team of educators she has on board. 110% recommend to anyone who wants a full mind, body and spirit make over! 🖤


I was amazed at how much the tips she was giving me made sense. I learned that things that I already know I love are tied to my Star Sign, and I learned so much about other ways I can take care of myself. Self-care is a huge passion of mine so it was incredible to be given other suggestions about other methods that I can include. I highly recommend Universal Movement if you're looking into a wider, stronger, self-care practice, or if you are just starting out and would like a place to begin.