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Discover the transformative benefits of living by the lunar cycle. Empower and replenish your dark feminine energy with our aligned movement classes. 


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By tuning into the rhythm of the lunar cycle, we can tap into our hidden goddess power and discover the right time to embrace new beginnings, grow, show gratitude, and manifest our desires. Just as nature has its cycles of growth and hibernation, waxing and waning, so do we. In the midst of our busy lives, it's essential to be mindful of the signs the universe sends us. By taking the time to slow down and reflect, recharge, and energise ourselves, we can shine our brightest and live our fullest potential.

Current lunar phase

Discover some of what's inside... our Secret Lunar rituals and classes


Let go & Replenish Energy 

The often-overlooked lowest point in the lunar cycle is also one of the most important phases for women.

Or Dark Moon rituals, offer a unique opportunity to rest and replenish your energy for the new lunar cycle to come. 

In this experience, you will explore: 

  • Welcome and Oracle card pull
  • The current lunar sign insights & body astrology
  • Letting go - body scan/ breathe work
  • Self-care massage
  • Journaling & inner work
  • Restorative yoga 
  • Intuitive stretching
  • Yoga Nidra (Sleep yoga)

Note: these classes are NOT recorded. 

Dark Moon Live Ceremony- Sunday 12th November 8-9pm 🌚✨

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 Intention Setting & Meditation

A new beginning
As we enter a new phase, there is the opportunity of a new beginning for the cycle. This is the time to set intentions and discover the energy on offer for the month ahead.
Classes include:
  • Setting intentions meditation to align to the month's energy

Pre Recorded class - Monday  13th November 🌒 

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The peak of the lunar cycle, when our emotional and physical energy is at its highest.

At these gatherings, we provide a safe space for you to explore your psyche, discover your inner world and give you the keys to unlock your feminine powers hidden within. Our private Full Moon gatherings allow you to e explore, release pent up energy, let go and give gratitude to the magic of the moon.

In this experience, you will explore: 

  • Welcome and Oracle card pull
  • The current lunar sign insights & body astrology
  • Letting go - body scan
  • Self-care massage
  • Journaling & inner work
  • Embodiment practices
  • Divine feminine sensual movement
  • Stretching
  • Visualisation & manifestation techniques

Note: these classes are NOT recorded. 

Full Moon Live ritual - 28th October 8:30-9:45pm 🌕

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Stretch & Surrender 

Heading towards the end of the lunar cycle, our energy is decreasing. 

The last quarter moon phase is a powerful time associated with the energy of letting go. It's an opportunity for us to break free from old habits and patterns. During this phase, it's important to pay attention to your intuition and trust your inner guidance.  

Classes include:

  • Gentle candle light stretch
  • Journaling practice 

To reflect and relax, each class is designed for all levels to help you release stress and tension. 

This class is NOT Recorded 

Last Quarter Live class - 5th November 8-8:45pm  🌗 

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This month's special guest teacher.


Special Guest - Learn Tea ☕️ Leaf Reading

with Jess

I’m Jess, also known as Mother Moon. I’ve had the gift of clairvoyance since I was born and have always had the ability to see between the worlds. I don’t particularly like labels, but I’d come under the banner of psychic, medium and healer. It’s such an integral part of who I am, my business is totally heart led and intuitive. I work with clients 1-1 giving readings using cards, tea leaves, palm, mediumship and psychic. Within my readings I often touch upon past lives and ancestry too, working on any blocks that are holding you back. Equally we all have our gifts, so my readings help you to come back to alignment and focus on moving forward.

I see myself as a guide, mentor and teacher. This is in my blood, both sides of my family there is magic. Tea leaf reading in particular has come down from both sets of great and great great grandparents. I teach the old ways, ancient teachings which are becoming more and more rare 💗

About the class.....
I will share my family history of reading the leaves. How to set up tea in a sacred way, in ceremony. You will need a teapot, cup, saucer and spoon. I will then share how to read the leaves, decipher symbols and signs in the leaves. We look at the cup and saucer. You will have the opportunity to read for yourself and another. A very fun, interactive workshop which gives you insights into your inner world. I’m keen to share these teachings from my family, otherwise they will be lost. I’m delighted to offer tea leaf reading workshop to you and can’t wait to get started.

This class is live ⚡️and recorded. 

Live class - Tuesday 24th October 8-9pm

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Secrets of the moon 🌙


Monthly - Featuring all our Secret classes

  • New moon - Intention setting & meditations
  • First Quarter Moon -Sensual Dance & belly dance classes 
  • Full Moon 🌝 Celebrate and give gratitude with a Slow Flow body astrology embodiment, Self-care message, Yoga Nidra Ritual
  • Last Quarter Moon - Yoga, Stretch & journaling practices
  • Dark Moon 🌚 Let go and Surrender, Yoga Nidra Ceremony
  • Monthly Guest expects
  • Secret portal to lunar community  

Includes a 14 day no obligation free trail.



What our secret tribe say




Alexe is just magical, being in the spaces she’s holding feels relaxing and healing, you can feel her devotion to this work 🖤 UM gently guides you back to your body and your feminine energy, honouring the archetypes, the rythm of the seasons and the stars. This is the medicine most of us need in today’s world and I’m so here for it!


Beautiful evening session ❤ Alexe is incredibly knowledgeable and a master of weaving different branches of practice together to make a satisfying whole. Would recommend for anyone wanting to further their path and nourish themselves.


My mother and I joined the full moon in Gemini ritual and we both slept like babies after. I particularly loved the self massage technique which really got rid of much of my tension. Since discovering Universal Movement I have understood when my body needs rest and when it needs me to be active! I feel in harmony with my body.

Meet Secrets' lunar-led instructors


UMethod Creator, Astrologer, Moonologer, Yoga Nidra, Charka dance & sensual movement instructor

Devoted to the moon and all her phases, I created this lunar cyclical living program for us to understand our natural feminine energy rhythm, and by doing so we can, rest and renew, replenish our energy and take back our power. I am a well know embodiment and sensual movement instructor as ex co-founder of London Dance Academy, I ran the school for 15 years and have taught thousands of men & women. -After suffering with exhaustion, I turned to cyclical  living, medical astrology and the moon to replenish my energy. Over time I healed and designed this magical method that is already written in the stars, to help people understand their authentic selves and respect  their natural energy flow, learn to let go and take their power back. I love to fuse my skills together to create aligned classes that tap into our Devine feminine powers. 


Embodiment & somatic movement & moon circle

Telisha is the best-selling author of Lunar Wisdom, a certified Moonologer™, Embodiment Teacher, and founder of Embodimoon. She blends somatic psychology and spiritual wisdom to help women relax, recharge, and find their flow with her beautiful moon circles. She is also a qualified in psychology, colour therapy, and trauma awareness to create multi-dimensional transformational experiences for her clients that are equal parts grounding and uplifting, both nourishing and rejuvenating.


Yoga, Energy work and Qi gong

Using all of the maps I have collected in the school of yoga. With a love for energy work, breath work, frequencies, nutrition, psychology, philosophy, herbs and mixed it with other tools collected through out my search.

I am making it into a process I call the Path From The Past. A game of 72 squares that makes up the Game of Leela; The game of life. A game in self-knowledge that can be used as a therapy and a process of self-evolvement. A program for you to grow, in your own pace.

It starts by understanding the laws behind the game and is followed by 4 initiation workshops. To get to know yourself better and how to be your authentic self when communicating and creating with others.


Egyptian Belly Dance

A sought after teacher and performer for almost 20 years, trained and appreciated by the best dancers in Egypt & many other parts of the world! Winner of the title "Bellydancer of the World 2019".

As an instructor of Egyptian Bellydance Anna attaches great importance to precise technique and a healthy, joint-friendly and correct posture, which in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi is mainly created by the muscles and involvement of the pelvic floor.

Through her training as a nurse, she has a good knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and her intensive training with the best dancers in Egypt and international well-known artists of oriental dance enables Anna to teach this dance and everything related to it in a qualified manner.

For her students she opens the door to their individual implementation of music from within - from the inside into the outward movement. CORE-VISION-DANCE.

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