Behind the Movement, a sisterhood of artists & instructors.

We are a collective of fitness instructors, yoga trainers, dance teachers and creatives. Brought together by a shared fascination with the innate power of feminine energy, lunar cycle, astrology and how it can be harnessed to help us all reach our true potential.






Introducing our constellation of stars:

Alexe Woods, UM Creator and Instructor

Universal Movement is born out of a desire to support women in achieving a sustainable wellbeing routine. These are not just basic physical goals but also encompass the spiritual and emotional self. This method enables women to align to their own natural rhythms and synchronise with the lunar phases, learning from the astrological narrative of the solar system.

Alexe is committed to establishing an accessible space for women, encouraging us to awaken ourselves, value acceptance, explore our potential and manifest our purpose with a method that is already written in the stars.

Becoming a mother allowed for a change of lifestyle and pace for Alexe, from running LDA, a successful dance studio as co-founder, event manager and instructor in London to the star bathing Cevennes National Park in France. This fresh perspective, especially on motherhood, inspired Alexe to look inwards. She began to practice daily meditation, restorative Yoga Nidra and Astrology, contemplating the impact of different choices we make on our personal energy.


From here, Alexe began to explore the relationship between the female cycle and the lunar cycle, seeking connections within astrology and the chakras. She began to cultivate a practice to optimise movement and insights based on a 28 day cycle and, the astrological rulers of different parts of the body. The system she later developed has drawn on her expertise in movement, her knowledge of the chakras, the moon and as a qualified dance, fitness & yoga instructor. Having completed courses in holistic women’s circles, astrology and moonology, Alexe continues to enrich her practice with her growing knowledge.

After 20+ years experience, Alexe has a solid reputation as an innovator and respected pioneer in the dance and movement industry. Working with brands including Stella McCartney, Adidas, Nike, and Samsung, Alexe has dedicated her professional life to building women's confidence with empowering with a new vision to fitness and self-care. 

Kira Sutherland. ✨New Instructor✨

Kira is an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Astrologer who lives between Sydney Australia and the mountains of BC Canada. She divides her time between clients, writing and lecturing on health, wellbeing, and medical astrology. Known for her vibrant, straight forward teaching style, Kira has lectured in Medical Astrology around the globe and has been in clinic practice for over 25 years. Kira combines her knowledge in Natural Medicine with her passion for Medical Astrology into a wonderful mix of mind/body medicine. 

FB and insta: @astrologyofhealth


Universal Movement is Honoured to have Kira hosting a monthly class - on Medical and nutritional Astrology. 

Ester Segarra,

New Moon Intention settings

Born and raised in Barcelona, Ester spent many summer nights looking at the stars and wondering about the cosmos beyond. At the turn of the century, she moved to London and forged an award-winning career as a music photographer in the extreme metal genre, “searching for the right moment and the light in the shadows”.

Following a number of deeply affecting personal endurances and spiritual experiences, Ester found a connection to the divine feminine and the cycles of the natural world. In 2019, she was inspired to create Cosmoplanner, an astrology-based productivity planner that follows the moon and Mercury cycles, helping users to live in alignment with the cosmos.

Universal Movement is prevailed to have Ester hosting our New Moon intentions - a guidance, honouring the moon as a way of grounding and receiving higher wisdom. 

Athena Wolf, 

Stretch & Flexibility instructor.

Athena aka Shelastic Wolf, based in Serbia has been practicing the witchcraft of flexibility and contortion coaching for over 9 years, focused on creating connection between body and mind to create new spaces and make energy flow.

Her methods involve teaching the splits, dynamic and functional stretching, weight conditioning, backbending and more, which improve abilities for pole fitness moves, general dance and holistic wellbeing.

She describes flexibility training as “one of the most humbling, grounding and empowering practices” she’s encountered to date. 

Universal Movement is delighted to have Athena stretch practice hosted monthly here at UM. 

Rainbow, Yoga & Restorative Instructor 

Bow, is a single mamma from UK, a feminist scholar and a shamaness. She believes deeply in the power of restorative yoga to facilitate healing and empowerment because of personal experience. After a challenging transition to motherhood the practice was the most powerful tool in putting herself back together. Now she weaves womb and earth magic into her restorative yoga classes for others. Supporting connection with nature's cycles. Integrating the blessings of feminine wisdom to the deep rest brings a profound experience. 

Daisy, Astrology, Mythology Kundalini Instructor

Having been brought up in the French Alps, Daisy feels deeply connected to the untamed energy of the mountains. In 2010 she explored diverse practices of yoga, meditation and healing modalities in her 20s and in 2018 she created the “Rewilding Pilgrimage retreats” where she led country walks to sacred sites around the UK combining astrology talks and yoga.

In 2019 she trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, finding it to be the most integrated and powerful practice she had experienced. Combining physical postures, breathwork and mantra, KY is an all round practice supporting the release of stagnant energy and toxins on a physical, emotional and psychosomatic level, giving way to more Wholeness and feelings of wellbeing.

A deeply devoted student of Hellenistic Astrology, Daisy is passionate about weaving ancient archetypal imagery into her every day life as a tool for self-reflection. She’s especially interested in the study of life cycles and during her Saturn return at age 30 she moved back to the mountains in France and it’s from here that she will be leading a Kundalini Yoga class based on the astrology and the moon cycle of the moment.

Susanna, Pilates instructor ✨ New Instructor ✨

Susanna is a Swedish Pilates instructor, artist and aspiring writer. Born and raised in the Venice if the North - my beautiful hometown Stockholm. When I went through my first Pilates teacher training back in 2003 with Yvonne Lin, a grand dame of Swedish fitness and health care, she said to me: ”I see you are a dancer”. No, said I, and she raised her eyebrows and said ”aha, so you used to be a dancer”. Again, I had to tell her she was mistaken to which she plainly stated: ”Okay, you SHOULD have been a dancer”.

This is true - and several pediatricians who examined me as a child urged my parents to put me in ballet school because I had a ”dancer’s physique”. However, ballet was not my cup of brew but when I discovered Pilates when I was twenty, I fell in love.

Straight after my first certification I was hired by the company, Y-lab, and have been teaching through them for over fifteen years. I got several more levels of certifications with mat, ball and the Reformer. 

Pilates has been my trusted wellness life companion and has kept me healthy and flexible through two pregancies. Pilates is self love for your spine. 

Lisa, Brand Alchemist 

Even with a lifelong interest in nature and witchcraft, Lisa is more often spotted behind a Macbook instead of a spellbook. With a multi-passionate career spanning over 10 years of design, marketing, copywriting, photography and more, her main focus is on transformative branding as Creatively Haunted

Born in Canada, raised in London, Lisa now lives with her daughter, husband and disgruntled cat in their 100-year-old Kentish home. Having found motherhood to be a deeply impactful experience, Lisa is a passionate advocate of reflective wellbeing practice and (gentle) fitness exercises.

Lena, Illustrator

aka @animalenas


A wanderer of inner worlds born in Romania, Lena's artwork seeks to explore womanhood, wilderness and magic through soulful illustration, while aiming to embody her deepest truths. 

Joining the Movement in 2023

Anna Radici, Belly Dance instructor 

Teacher and performer for almost 20 years, trained and appreciated by the best dancers in Egypt & many other parts of the world! Winner of the title "Bellydancer of the World 2019".

As an instructor of Egyptian Bellydance, Anna from Germany attaches great importance to precise technique and a healthy, joint-friendly and correct posture, which in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi is mainly created by the muscles and involvement of the pelvic floor.

Through her training as a nurse, she has a good knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and her intensive training with the best dancers in Egypt and international well-known artists of oriental dance enables Anna to teach this dance and everything related to it in a qualified manner.

For her students she opens the door to their individual implementation of music from within - from the inside into the outward movement.


Elisabeth, Yoga instructor

Elisabeth is using all of the maps she has collected in the school of yoga. With her love for energy work, breath work, frequencies, nutrition, psychology, philosophy, herbs and mixed it with other tools collected through out my search.

Made it into a process she calls the Path From The Past. A game of 72 squares that makes up the Game of Leela; The game of life. A game in self-knowledge that can be used as a therapy and a process of self-evolvement. A program for you to grow, in your own pace.

It starts by understanding the laws behind the game and is followed by 4 initiation workshops. To get to know yourself better and how to be your authentic self when communicating and creating with others.

Then you are ready to enter the game.


Telisha, Embodiment instructor & moon circle Facilitator 

Telisha Webster is a Best-selling Author, Certified Moonologer™, Embodiment Teacher, and founder of Embodimoon. She blends somatic psychology and spiritual wisdom to help women relax, recharge, and find their flow.
Telisha’s classes, circles and workshops harness the cycles of the Moon and the body as potent pathways for self-reflection, self-care, self-compassion, and self-empowerment.
As a Virgo Sun and former corporate workaholic, Telisha knows what it's like to live life overthinking, overwhelmed, and disconnected. She now loves to share the life-changing magic of Moon and feminine cycles as blueprints to create more ease, vitality, and connection.
Telisha incorporates her qualifications in Psychology, Colour Therapy, and Trauma Awareness to create multi-dimensional transformational experiences for her clients that are equal parts grounding and uplifting, both nourishing, and rejuvenating.
A die-hard Aussie girl (and karaoke queen), Telisha currently lives in London with her husband and son and gets to a sunny beach as often as she can!

Check out her book Lunar wisdom here:

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