Balance your natural energy levels in rhythm with the moon and stars ✨

Just as nature has cycles of growth and hibernation, so must we. As busy women, we are driven to constantly push ourselves through our hectic daily routines, ignoring signs the universe sends us: that there are times to slow down and reflect, times to plan and recharge - and times for high vibration and action!

Lunar-led, astrology-aligned and chakra-centered πŸŒ™ 

The first of its kind, Universal Movement is a soul-centred online resource guiding you to harness your energies, in harmony with the phases of the moon as it moves through the constellations in the night sky. We’ve created an exclusive method to invigorate your body and mind with manifestation, meditation, magic, and – of course – movement.


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Revolution: manifest the life you’ve been dreaming of

Achieve balance and reinvigorate your energy with our online programme of specially-designed wellbeing classes for body and mind, scheduled in perfect alignment with the astrological and lunar phases.


Programme includes


Make plans for the month ahead

Set intentions with our guided visualisation meditation class, supported by our monthly mystical resources.


Energise and prepare for action

Fitness or yoga class, focusing on the parts of the body ruled by the phase's astrological sign


Move into your flow

Divine feminine dance and stretch ritual movement. Let go and surrender to the element, astrological sign and chakra of the month's full moon.


Shed unhelpful energies

Dynamic stretch and journaling practice for mindfulness, creativity and stress banishment

           DARK MOON           PHASE

Relax and renew

Restorative yoga or yoga nidra for deep rest under the month's astrological sign


It's your time to shine

Self-care guidance and nutritional advice at the start of the next sign's solar season


Special guest masterclasses

Celebrate the seasons with 8 wellbeing and fitness classes throughout the year, led by specialist instructors. 


 All classes will be available to revisit whenever you like as part of your Revolution membership

Do you want to:

Ditch the guilt of always needing to be ‘on’?

Reduce your stress and anxiety levels?

Take some time for yourself?

Bring intention into your everyday?

Rediscover your happiness?

Reconnect with your mystical side?

Improve your mental and physical health?

Enjoy your daily routine again?

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 Move with intention

Meet Alexe, Creator of Universal Movement

Practicing the magic of movement, Alexe is a specialist in lunar phases, moonology and fitness innovation. She is currently continuing her studies in astrology to expand her skillset. With over 20 years’ experience in the dance industry, she is also the co-founder of London Dance Academy, one of London’s largest dance schools.

Universal Movement is her personally-designed astrological and lunar phases movement method, involving restorative yoga, toning, conditioning, chakra, energy work, free dance and sensual movement. Her intention is to guide women on the path of self-discovery by harnessing the influence of the lunar phases on our natural energy levels and the path of reconnecting to ourselves.

Meet the instructors

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Notes on a Universe

Thoughts and insights from the mages behind the movement

July's Full Moon in Capricorn

Jul 13, 2022

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