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The first self-care routine for women synchronised with astrology and the lunar cycle

We are offering a variety of online classes designed to fit our natural energy levels as women,
using the lunar cycle, astrology and the seven chakras to cover all elements of female wellbeing.
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Lunar led, astrology aligned, chakra centred

By following the moon phases and the deeper meanings of the constellations in the night sky, we’ve created an exclusive method to nurture each area of our bodies and honour our energy level in harmony with the rhythm of the lunar cycle.

Just as nature has cycles of growth and hibernation, so do we. As busy women, we are driven to constantly push ourselves through our hectic daily routines, ignoring signs the universe sends us: that there are times to slow down and reflect, times to plan, recharge and times for high vibration and action! 

Current lunar phase

How do I take care of myself with the lunar cycle?


There are four primary moon phases in the lunar cycle that influence our energy levels as women.


Entering a new phase, our energy starts to grow. It is time to meditate and set intentions for the cycle to come.


We are now in the stage of action, our energy is rising.
It is the moment to start exercising with our pilates, strength and conditioning classes.


The peak of the lunar cycle, when our emotional and physical energy is at its highest. Let's celebrate with a gathering, a live class of yoga, sensual movement, visualisation techniques, breathwork and massage.


Heading towards the end of the lunar cycle, our energy is decreasing. This is the turning point when we can look inwards and let go with stretching, kundalini yoga and journaling practice.
There are also four secondary moon phases in the lunar cycle, one of which is often overlooked and needs to be brought to the forefront of our attention.


The lowest point in the lunar cycle and our energy level.
Exclusive to Universal Movement, the Dark Moon classes include restorative and sleep yoga to help us rest and replenish our energy for the new lunar cycle to come.

How does Universal Movement bring astrology into your self care routine? 


Each zodiac sign is linked to an area of the body. By following the astrological year, we can create a health and fitness program for ourselves that covers every area of the body. 

Body Astrology

Each of our fitness and yoga classes focus on body parts throughout the astrological year. 

We also offer magical self care and nutrition guides in the sign of the month. 

What are the seven chakras and how can Universal Movement help me unblock and balance them?

A chakra is an energy wheel located in various points of the body, each linked to an astrological sign. Each month of the astrological year we focus on the corresponding chakra.

Chakra Centered

During each of our Full Moon Visualisation and Dark Moon Restorative Yoga classes, we connect to and balance the chakra associated with the astrological sign of the month.

Celebrate and re-connect to the Wheel of the Year.

Here at UM we connect and revel in the energy of the wheel of the year, elemental and seasonal changes. 

Special events

Celebrate the seasons changes  with 8 wheel of the year wellbeing and movement classes, led by specialist guest instructors.

Welcome to the Movement 


Manifest, awaken and align to your natural rhythm. Access all of the above with our online classes.



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Meet Alexe, Creator of Universal Movement

Are you ready to move with intention? Alexe is a specialist in medical and body astrology, moonology and known as a fitness innovator. With over 20 years’ experience in the dance industry, she is also the co-founder of one of London’s largest dance schools London Dance Academy.

Universal Movement is her personally-designed astrological and lunar cycle movement method, specially-designed ritual classes to empower you, Allow us to reconnect to your natural cycle, ourselves and the celestial rhythms, giving you permission us to rest and reset – practice self care and the magic of movement.

Each moon phase is connected by an astrological sign and each sign rules different areas of the body. Astrological sign are also linked to a planet, elements, Chakra's and house on the birth chart. Universal Movement’s guides you with their classes to follow these cosmic patterns and alignment to create unique classes guided by the moon and stars to live atheistically in our personal power.

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Moon Phase Fitness: syncing your self-care with the lunar cycle

Jan 31, 2023