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Manifest with the Moon 28 day challenge, Moon meditations, & Lunar Alignment with our wellbeing community . 


























Secrets of the moon 

🗝️ Free resources and classes to discover cyclical living with the lunar cycle and solar seasons for wellbeing. 
✨ Connect to our friendly, supportive and exclusive wellbeing community. 



Aligning to the lunar cycle

Did you know that every 2.5 days brings a new, moon phase and moon sign energy, never repeating with in a whole year?
🗝️ Unlock the transformative knowledge and power of lunar alignment, by joining us, you can align and explore the unique energy of each moon phase and moon sign.
🌑Guided moon meditations Yoga Nidra for sleep and cosmic cat naps
🌕 Moon phase, and moon sign audios with lunar energy and sleep tips.
🔮 Deepen your emotional wellbeing's awareness, by understanding the influence of the energy of the moon, connecting to our inner world's emotional body and energy levels with the phases and signs.
✨ Connect to a friendly, supportive and exclusive wellbeing community on this lunar alignment journey. 
First month FREE then £5.99 per month




Moonlight Rituals  

(Letting go, relaxation and deep rest rituals)

🌕 Full moon ritual - Lets celebrate and manifest abundance, relax and release with a slow flow movement and guided visualisation  techniques

🌑 Dark Moon restorative rest practice, let go and relax with a guided Yoga Nidra online class

🗝️ ✨ Access to our lunar alignment, wellbeing community for moon meditations, moon phase and sign audios, sleep tips, cosmic cat naps & Yoga Nidra for sleep

Moonlight Rituals £15.15 per month
Purchased your moonlight rituals individually HERE




 Manifest with the Moon.

Access our 28 day lunar cycle to manifest abundance, discover the magic of moon manifesting, including our relaxation and rest moonlight rituals and lunar alignment wellbeing community.
Perfect for you if you wish to: 

🗝️ Discover your unique New Moon placement to understand how to set intentions in the correct area of your life to align and manifest with the moon. 

✨  Align to the moon phases and your 28 day cycle. Discover how the moon signs effect our emotions, and unlock the lunar energy influence on us and our sleep patterns.

🌑 New moon ritual - Intention setting & guided meditation online class.

🌕 Full moon - moonlight ritual - Lets celebrate and manifest abundance, release and give gratitude with a slow flow movement and visualisation  techniques.

🌑 Dark Moon - Moonlight ritual - Restorative rest, letting go and Yoga Nidra online class. Deepen your wellbeing and knowledge to ancient wisdom and self care with the lunar cycle

🔮 Access to our lunar alignment, moon meditations and moon audios. 

🗝️ ✨Be a part of our Secrets of the moon, wellbeing community. 

Manifest with the Moon - £22.22 per month
Purchased your Manifesting with the moon rituals individually HERE



How to Align to your personal moon transits for new moon Intention setting, with our mini Moon Course

✨ Identify your unique new and full moon transits relevant to your life with your natal chart.
🌛 Exploring each new and full moon and find which Astrology house and moon sign will influence you.
💫 Perfect for intention setting and moon manifesting.
🗝️ Designed for you to gain a deeper understanding of how each new and full impact on the different astro house and areas your life.
Note: This mini course is Included in our Manifest with the moon 28 day challenge. 



 Menstrual cycle tracker

Track your mood, energy and flow with our menstrual cycle tracker✨

Beautiful hand designed menstrual cycle tracker. By Suzanna Berglund one of Universal Movement's official artists. 

This tracker is for you if you’re looking for a:

🌚 Simple and practical way to track your cycle each month

✨ Want to track your energy, mood, & flow

🌝 Understand your energy flow with the lunar cycle


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Universal Movements' Moon courses, Manifest with the moon 28 Day Challenge and Lunar alignment FAQs

Unlock the power of cyclical living with Universal Movement's lunar alignment, moonlight rituals and manifest with the moon exclusive 28 Day Challenge. Designed to synchronise with the lunar cycle to manifest abundance. 

What is Lunar alignment?

Lunar Alignment wellbeing Community: Align with each lunar cycle, moon phase, and astrological moon sign through various resources such as moon audios, moon meditations, and cosmic cat naps.

Frequency of Changes: Every 2.5 days brings a new, moon phase and moon sign energy, which never repeats within a whole year, highlighting the dynamic nature of lunar alignment. 

Transformative Power: By joining the program, individuals can unlock the transformative power of lunar alignment and explore the unique energy associated with each phase and sign.

Guided Moon Meditations: Participants can experience guided moon meditations and cosmic cat naps to deepen their connection with lunar energy and enhance their emotional well-being.

Awareness and Understanding: Lunar alignment aims to deepen emotional well-being awareness and help individuals understand how the energy of the moment, influenced by moon phases and signs, connects with their inner emotional world and energy levels.

Wellbeing community Support: It offers a supportive well-being community for individuals embarking on this lunar alignment journey, providing self-care routines, moon meditations, and online yoga Nidra classes.

In essence, lunar alignment encourages individuals to engage with lunar energies and astrology as tools for personal growth, emotional awareness, and community support.


What are Moonlight Rituals?

Access our moonlight rituals offered as part of an exclusive lunar-focused wellbeing community. Here's a summary:

Access our live Moon Ritual

Including: New moon ritual, setting intentions with a guided moon meditation and journaling. Full Moon Ritual, Celebrate and give gratitude, releasing negativity, and pent up emotions with slow flow yoga and visualisation techniques aligned to our body astrology methodology to relax and harness the potent energy of the full moon. Dark Moon Ritual: During the dark moon phase, you can engage in restorative online practice aimed at letting go and deep relaxation including a Yoga Nidra for sleep and deep rest. 

Access to Lunar alignment : Our wellbeing community lunar alignment resources, including moon meditations, moon audios, and other materials designed to enhance well-being and spiritual connection.

Deepening Knowledge and Self-Care routines: The wellbeing community offers opportunities to deepen understanding of ancient wisdom related to lunar cycles and self-care routines.

How to Manifest with the moon?

Access our moonlight rituals offered as part of an exclusive lunar-focused wellbeing community also side manifestation techniques and aligned yoga  lasses to manifest abundance. Here's a summary:

Manifesting with the Moon: A 28-Day Lunar Cycle Challenge

Unlock the transformative power of the lunar cycle and manifest your desires with the guidance of the moon. This 28-day challenge is designed to help you harness the energy of each lunar phase, aligning your intentions with the natural rhythm of the moon for maximum manifestation potential.

Discover Your New Moon Placement: Begin by discovering your unique New Moon placement, understanding how to set intentions in the correct area of your life to manifest with the moon's energy. This foundational step ensures that your intentions are aligned with your deepest desires.

New Moon Ritual: Embrace the energy of the New Moon with an intention-setting ritual and guided meditation online class. Set clear, powerful intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle, planting the seeds for manifestation.

First Quarter Action: As the moon enters the first quarter phase, it's time for action. Cultivate an inspiring growth mindset and participate in a yoga class infused with manifestation techniques. Take proactive steps towards your goals, fueled by the energy of progress and expansion.

Full Moon Ritual: Celebrate the abundance of the Full Moon by manifesting your desires with a celebratory ritual. Engage in slow flow movement and visualization techniques to release what no longer serves you and express gratitude for the blessings in your life.

Last Quarter Reflection: During the last quarter phase, take time to reflect and integrate. Participate in a relaxation class that combines yoga and journaling, allowing you to gain insights and clarity as you prepare for the next cycle of manifestation.

Dark Moon Letting Go: As the moon enters its dark phase, engage in restorative practices focused on letting go. Join a Yoga Nidra online class designed to promote deep relaxation and release, allowing space for new manifestations to take root.

Deepen Your Wellbeing and Knowledge: Throughout the challenge, deepen your understanding of ancient wisdom and self-care practices aligned with the lunar cycle. Access resources such as lunar alignment, moon meditations, and moon audios to support your journey.

Join Our Lunar Movement & Wellbeing Community: Be a part of our supportive lunar movement and wellbeing community. Connect with like-minded individuals on the path to manifesting their dreams and embracing the magic of the moon.

By following this 28-day lunar cycle challenge, you can tap into the innate power of the moon to manifest your intentions, abundance, and transform your life. Join us on this journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and lunar alignment.

See our other general FAQs here...