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Thursday 26th September 2024 

Waning moon Stretch & Yoga Nidra



7:30 pm - 9:00 pm 

A unique experience held at the beautiful MOON Women's Health Studios in London NW5

 In celebration of MOON's third birthday Alexe has been invited to host a live workshop, enabling you to let go and unwind. During this relaxing deep rest circle we connect with the waning moon energies.  
Let go of unwanted stress through self-care practices including:
  • Welcome to the waning moon energy and how to work with it. Intro to body astrology.¬†
  • Body scan
  • Gentle stretch and journaling practice, aligned to body astrology.
  • Deep dive Yoga Nidra
  • Awakening stretch
  • Individual card pull
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Upcoming in-person day retreat:


Sunday 1st December 2024 


New Moon in Sagittarius - Scared Rebel Journey



11:30 am -1:30 pm 

A unique two hour experience at She Lost Control in London E8

An awakening to the Rebels journey, where Andrea & Alexe will guide you on a journey of empowerment. Connect to the elements, melt away tensions and awaken your divine feminine power. This is a class designed to aid personal development for women to reach their highest potential.
This mini retreat of self-care practices includes:
  • Welcome to the new moon in Sagittarius ūüĒ•
  • Body scan & body astrology stretch
  • Yoga Nidra in the element of transformational fire
  • Awakening stretch
  • Guided scared rebel journey¬†
  • Body wisdom¬†flow in the elements of yoga
  • Intention setting and manifestation techniques linked to¬† your unique¬†moonology¬†for the month ahead
  • Individual oracle card pull
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Sacred Women Retreat - Ibiza, Spain. 

27th September - 4th October 2025



Scared Women Retreat


A unique rest and elimination experience in beautiful Ibiza!

Explore the depths of the Scared Feminine Wisdom Wheel through flowing yoga practices, meditation and deep rest rituals. Dive into embodied dance and unlock the secrets of yoga postures and sequences dedicated to the five elements.

£1555 per person for 7 nights full boarding and activities on site, including all meals with our personal chef.

To reserve your stay with us we accept a 10% deposit. 

One day itinerary includes: 
  • Breakfast
  • Cacao ceremonies
  • Morning yoga, movement & journaling¬†
  • Deep rest yoga nidra¬†
  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • Evening meal
  • Sunset and evening circle ceremonies
  • Individual moonology and personal astrology self-care private readings

Note: Flights and transfers not included. 

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Your retreat host: Alexe 

Alexe is delighted to host and share her knowledge with you. She is the founder of Universal Movement and loves to weave together her expertise of yoga nidra, restorative self-care practice, moonology and medical astrology. 

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Your retreat host: Andrea


Andrea has been on her own spiritual journey for over 30 years now, practicing and teaching yoga, and holding space for women. She is inspired to share her passion of authentic and vibrant living with you.
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 Here at Universal Movement we are firm believers in collaborations. Our UM practitioners offer retreats and in-person workshops for you to learn our methodology and to relax and enjoy. We would be delighted to hear from you, whether you're hosting a conference or podcast, managing an event or studio, organising a festival, or crafting a tranquil retreat sanctuary.

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