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Elizabeth - Yoga, Qigong & Energy Work

Elizabeth's journey into the transformative realm of yoga began when she encountered Swami in India in 2013, who turned her understanding of the mind upside down. Inspired by the yogic philosophy that allows one to navigate life's experiences with resilience, Elizabeth delves into the profound practices that enable us to exist within ourselves, untouched by external chaos.

With a foundation in authentic yogic practices from India, Elizabeth integrates both traditional and modern approaches to re-wire the Self from the inside out. Her teaching encompasses not only yoga but also energy work, guiding individuals to detach from the past and embark on a new, authentic way of being within themselves and the world.

Elizabeth's aim is to inspire you to embrace your authenticity, nurturing both body and mind. Empowering to prepare your Self to start your new path from the path from the past.


Susanna - Pilates & Creative Artist

Susanna, a Swedish Pilates instructor, writer, and artist, initiated her Pilates journey in 2003. She underwent comprehensive training, earning certifications in mat, ball, and the Reformer under the mentorship of Yvonne Lin, a respected figure in Swedish fitness. Immediately after her initial certification, Susanna joined Y-lab, a company where she has been sharing her expertise for over fifteen years.

Susanna's dedication to Pilates extends beyond a fitness practice; it has been her trusted companion through various life stages, including two pregnancies. For her, Pilates embodies self-love for the spine, promoting health and flexibility.


Kira - Medical Astrologer & Nutritionist 

Kira Sutherland is an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Astrologer who lives between Sydney Australia and the mountains of BC Canada. She divides her time between clients, writing and lecturing on health, wellbeing, and astrology. Known for her vibrant, straightforward teaching style, Kira has lectured in Medical Astrology around the globe and has been in clinic practice for over 25 years. Kira combines her knowledge in Natural Medicine with her passion for Medical Astrology into a wonderful mix of mind/body medicine.

Jess - Intuitive Psychic & Spiritual Teacher

Jess is highly intuitive, psychic, working with higher energies and spirit from a young age. It wasn’t until she was in her 20s she knew this gift was strong and her soul purpose was to support people with her guidance. Her readings combine clairvoyance, communicating with loved ones, past lives, ancestral and inner child healing. She works with cards, tea leaves and pendulum. Jess has an ability to see through the eyes of the soul and supports people back to themselves. Jess was immersed into spirituality from a young age, both sides of her family have a gift as healers, clairvoyants and energy workers.

Her other passion is nature, you will find her deep in the woodlands, normally surrounded by her friends and children. Jess infectious enthusiasm for trees, flora and fauna can be felt through her workshops. She combines her spirituality and her background in outdoor education to create a magical weaving for her students to not only support their mental health, learn grounding techniques but also to deepen their knowledge and wisdom of Mother Earth. Jess is keen for everyone to reawaken their childlike awe of our beautiful planet, to ensure we create a sustainable future.

Melissa - Tarot  Reader & Teacher

Melissa a qualified, down to earth and inclusive tarot reader, teacher and enthusiast! Tarot is her passion and  she loves to share this with others, whether that be giving a reading or teaching others how to read for themselves.
She has always been into the more spiritual and witchy side of life, growing up on Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Buffy, The Craft and The Addams Family gave her a taste for all things gothic and mysterious. 

With over 55 decks Melissa has read tarot for over 5000 individuals to date. Her clients include Amazon Prime Video, Sony, Netflix, Reddit, Larian Studios, Lovehoney, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Ogilvy and MiQ Digital. She has worked at venues of all shapes and sizes, from bars to theme parks. She love dressing up for events and am happy to do tarot in a more theatrical way. One of her highlights was reading tarot dressed as an elf to celebrate the launch of video game Baldur's Gate 3. She is a guest tarot reader on the Love Island podcast & Yvette Fielding's Paranormal Activity podcast.

Vicky - Belly dance, tantra & women's circle

Vicky is an initiated Pagan Priestess of Goddess, a certified Sexologist, belly dance teacher, massage therapist and healer.
She is also a Sexual Freedom award winner and a former winner of Miss Belly Dance UK . She began her explorations of spirituality in her early teens, particularly reveling in her affinity with nature. As a woman who knows herself as sexual and spiritual, She began her Tantra journey over fifteen years ago. This took her on a deep healing path where she attended many workshops, trainings and one to one healing sessions.
Vicky is down to Earth, naturally very intuitive and sensitive to energy. She is passionate about the power of women's circle.  She believes it is really important that we come together often as women to support each other,  be creative together and have fun without judgment. 
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Elle - Barre & HITT workouts with moon phase fitness.

Ellie Wilson is a  professional dancer and personal trainer, whose passion for movement, wellness, and celestial exploration has shaped her unique journey. Ellie's life revolves around the synergy between physicality and spirituality.
Having recently concluded a successful tour performing in Swan Lake across Europe, balancing her dual careers in dance and fitness, the harmony of mind, body, and spirit has always been of great importance to her.
With a fascination for the cosmos, Ellie founded Lunar Workouts, a holistic personal training program that harmonises with the phases of the moon. This innovative approach reflects her deep connection to lunar cycles and belief in their influence on well-being.
Beyond her professional endeavours, Ellie delves into the mystical realm of astrology and tarot, finding solace and guidance in these practices. 
In both her personal and professional pursuits, Ellie radiates authenticity, creativity, and a profound reverence for the interconnectedness of all things.

Our next special guest teachers. 

Michelle - Embodiment movement coach

Michelle Lynn is an embodiment teacher for rebel hearts and restless souls who want to bring their full expression to the world. She loves to create multidimensional experiences to invigorate your essence, nourish your wild soul, discover hidden sources of inner power, and become a magnet for your deepest desires. Michelle is a certified embodiment coach, a Level 1 & 2 Non-Linear Movement Method Embodiment Teacher, a certified Wild Women’s Way facilitator, and a mentor, teacher, and coach with the School of Embodied Arts. She’s been facilitating transformational work for more than 10 years. 
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Marion Brezerakou - Yoga instructor

Marion Brezerakou is a dedicated Holistic Yoga Teacher, guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery and holistic wellness. With a wealth of experience in various yoga styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, meditation, and Pranayama, Marion is committed to offering comprehensive instruction tailored to students of all levels.

Marion's teaching philosophy prioritises alignment, breath awareness, and mindfulness. By crafting thoughtful class plans, Marion aims to foster a love for the holistic yoga lifestyle, empowering individuals to deepen their connection with themselves and the world around them.

Driven by a mission to inspire others to live life to its fullest potential, Marion strives to facilitate profound shifts in both body and mind. Through the practice of yoga and holistic wellness, Marion guides individuals towards a state of balance, vitality, and inner harmony.

Crystal Dascomb - Cosmic Energy, Soul Purpose & Intuitive Parenting Expert

Through the lens of Human Design, Astrology, Astrocartography (locational astrology) & Intuitive Card Readings using playing cards – also known as Cartomancy, she helps you understand your energetic & cosmic 'tempo' & feel truly 'seen' & amazed by how the stars highlight your greatest talents & validate your soul purpose. It then harmoniously shifts you into alignment & activates your inner compass - 'your Intuition’.

Through her signature method “The Cosmic Blend” , Crystal takes you on a multi-faceted & exciting self-discovery journey of your Birth charts (soul blueprints) + a yummy dose of self-love & uses her clairvoyancy + mediumship abilities to connect with spirit and intuitively guide you through any current life questions.

She specializes in Family & Partnership Readings as well! With these tools & overcoming the trauma throughout her 7-year infertility journey, this Mama of 2 has not only found her life's work & inspired her company Crystallyze Love, but it has also helped re-align the connection with her husband of 17 years & is instrumental in understanding their children's daily rhythm & family dynamic - with emotions, decisions, activities, tantrums, diets, even bedtime! It’s what she calls “Intuitive Conscious Parenting” and believes it’s greatly needed as the world shifts to this new paradigm!

Consider Crystal your "Cosmic Glow-Up Girl”! Her main goal in a session is to hyper-focus on what can be transformative & applicable in the current “stage or era” you are in NOW – maybe it’s finding love, establishing/better serving a family, pivoting in career, expanding your business or healing journey. Whatever it is, she leans on the cosmos to get to the root of it & supports you with embodying a more authentic version of YOU, gain deeper understanding + connection w/ your children & relationships, feel the clarity needed to uplevel & thrive at this stage in your life & navigate your journey with more ease, confidence & love truly beaming in your "Cosmic Glow & Flow"!

Chaja's - Intuitive Hatha

& Kundalini yoga instructor 

Chaja's life changed when she joined a yoga class more than ten years ago with this fascinating yoga teacher in The Netherlands who actually triggered her. She noticed a lot of friction and as such, Chaja was curious to explore what was all happening inside. Having always known that there is more to the way she was raised, Chaja continued practicing yoga and embraced the opportunity to become a Hatha/Kundalini yoga teacher. 

With a foundation in authentic Hatha yoga teachings that she underwent for three years in France, followed by a post-formation with regard to yoga philosophy, a better comprehension of our ecological interconnectedness, exploration of pranayama and meditation practices, Chaja has become a very intuitive and energetic yoga teacher.

She lives an intercultural life, currently living an intense experience in Tanzania. Chaja embraces life through deep yoga practices, taking responsibility for her interactions and having a strong sensitive and energetic connection to nature and (human) beings. Chaja strongly believes that life teaches us lessons that we need to understand for our personal and collective development.

She might have dreams and ideas about what 'living a full yogi life' might look like, but as an ongoing yoga student she is more fascinated by being a seeker of the existance of life, the colours of womanhood, female health and exploring our energetic capacities.

Universal Movement Artists

Cecilia - Official Artist

Cecilia's lifelong passion for art, design, and drawing has woven seamlessly into her professional journey. A few years ago, she discovered dance, where the movement between the lines became a captivating language for expressing beauty and energetic flow. As the Social Media Designer for Universal Movement, Cecilia brings her artistic flair to visually communicate the transformative essence of the program.

Animalenas - Official Artist

As a wanderer of inner worlds, Animalenas creation's explores themes of womenhood, wilderness, and magic through soulful illustrations. With a desire to embody her deepest truths, she brings a unique artistic perspective to Universal Movement as the Official Artist, visually capturing the essence of the program's transformative spirit. Follow her enchanting work on Instagram: @animalenas

Nattskiftet - Official Artist

Artist, UFO, hustler, häxa, savage, lover.  I look at our contemporary society and draw inspiration from the collision of different worlds, darkness, esotericism, and rock n roll. In that borderland, I explore the concept of being an outsider, the hidden process, and the expectations placed upon you as a human being in today's society.

 work on Instagram: @nattskiftet

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"I took part in her full moon circle, I was wondering how it would be online and not face to face Alexe delivered a beautiful session, the energy was amazing I felt like I was there in person."


Victoria Hudson 

"Alexe is an amazing teacher and made me very relaxed and at ease with trying something so new. I usually have trouble with letting go and not caring what people think but I ended the class feeling energised and empowered. I cannot wait to do another one."

Sam Smallwood

"I have finally found a teacher who has a deep understanding of not just physical health but spiritual health.
The combining of the two has been a 100% total body and mind make over.
For the first time in YEARS I feel healthier, happier, stronger and above all else feel like myself again."

Emma-Jane Montgomery

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