manifesting under a full moon

Full Moon in Gemini

Dec 07, 2022

The last full moon of the year shines in Gemini energy. Full moons are a time to show gratitude to ourselves and let go of lingering energies. For many of us, that may involve releasing stress to get through the chaos of the holidays, or making way for big changes when the new year rolls around. Either way, it’s time to let go of the old and make way for the new.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is quick, curious and flexible – the ideal energy for us to look to the future and be excited about what’s to come. As a dual sign, Gemini is caught between the conscious mind and the connected universal mind, which can make them struggle to focus with an overactive brain full of chatter. 

In this moon sign, Mercury is giving us a communication boost, so take the time to check in with your body and ask it what it needs. Practising meditation can help quiet the mind and let you reconnect to your physical side.

Overseeing the lungs, shoulders and hands, this Air sign is highly adaptable and loves variety, so is happiest when on the move but unsatisfied with a steady plod in one direction, preferring to zip back and forth like a hummingbird or bee.

Movement activities that include speedy motion like boxing, fencing or free running will fulfil a Gemini, but above all, deep and structured breathwork will help keep things calm and purposeful. All that flitting about will get a Gemini to their destination eventually – even if they don’t take the most direct route.

To help calm the mind with meditation and breathwork, to slow those racing thoughts and stretch those tense shoulder muscles. If you like to attend one of our full moon rituals please click here. 

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