Woman kneeling on the ground under the full moon

March’s Full Moon in Virgo

moon phases Mar 18, 2022

Hello lunar lovelies! March’s beautiful full moon arrives this evening, announcing the end of winter just before the Spring Equinox. (Which is also the official launch of Universal Movement, clearly the most important day OF THE YEAR, mark your calendars). It’s also known as the Worm, Goose, Eagle or Crow Moon, referencing the reappearance of various insects and animals ahead of the warmer weather.

Whatever you prefer to call it, there’s no doubt that it represents a time of transformation and emergence. Falling in Virgo, this full moon embodies the key qualities of the earth sign – namely, being both highly observant and highly critical. So how can we put those traits to good use?

This full moon is the ideal time to evaluate how things have gone for us since the new moon. It’s shining bright to allow you to REALLY see the good and the bad, to celebrate those wins or to figure out the best way to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get yourself back on the path to achieving your goals.

What’s standing in your way? Let your emotions be drawn to the surface and examine the mental obstacles stopping you from reaching your true potential. The Virgo moon recognises its own drive for perfectionism, and is telling you that you DON’T have to wait until everything is ‘perfect’ to go for an opportunity, or beat yourself up about not being ‘good enough’. You are enough.

Make use of Virgo’s connection to the earth and let it ground you. Acknowledge and accept your negative thoughts – then release them. Now is the ideal time for new beginnings, so let yourself absorb the growing energy of Spring, and allow yourself to bloom.


 We’d also like to thank the amazing artist @animalenas for creating the accompanying artwork for this post, which also features in our Secrets of the Moon membership newsletter (sign up for free!). We’re delighted to have Lena’s gorgeous work (and her gorgeous self!) as part of Universal Movement.

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