May's New Moon in Gemini

moon phases May 30, 2022

New moons are the perfect time to sit down and think about how you’d like the next few weeks to go. What needs to change? Where is your focus going to be?

This new moon is a double whammy of communication, communication, communication. (Okay, that’s a triple whammy.) Riding the tail of that super-confusing connection-blocking Mercury retrograde – ending 2nd June - is the rising energy of Gemini, which is very good news indeed.

Gemini is a socialite sign that’s all about connection and ‘getting through’, spreading ideas and conversation easily on the spring breeze, perfectly embodying their element of air. As a mutable sign marking the end of the season, Gemini is bringing some highly adaptable and solution-focused vibes.

If the retrograde has any plans for a nasty sting in its tail, this Gemini new moon is the perfect antidote, boosting our internal WiFi to deliver our messages loud and clear.

To help with intention-setting and goals over the next month, don’t forget to check out Ester’s New Moon Meditation and Intentions class, available now.

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