Moon phase fitness to move with the moon

Moon Phase Fitness: syncing your self-care with the lunar cycle

Jan 31, 2023

Learn about the moon phases and how they correspond to our energy levels, and why syncing our fitness goals to the lunar cycle can help us work with – not against – the natural flow of the universe.

 Many of us set ourselves regular fitness goals, such as jogging 3 times a week or a HIIT class every Wednesday. But inevitably, there are times throughout the month where we just don’t feel like it, and so we skip a workout … then two … and then get discouraged. Often, we quit. Or we dismiss that exercise as not right for us, and try something else. And the cycle repeats.

But feeling like you don’t want to exercise at certain points during the month is NOT our body failing us ­– in fact, it’s the exact opposite. And it’s this concept that lies behind Universal Movement, and everything our method stands for.

Why you should align your self-care and fitness to the moon phases 

Our energy levels, physical strength, resilience, response to physical pain, and emotions all fluctuate throughout the moon’s monthly cycle. Just like the waxing and waning of the moon, there are times when we feel strong and energetic, ready to be active and take on new challenges – and times when we want to withdraw and rest.

By ignoring this ‘pull’ of the moon’s power, we are doing our bodies and minds a huge disservice. We try to stick to our self-imposed schedules, to be disciplined and hit the gym no matter what. ‘No excuses!’ Social media influencers shout at us through our screens. Hustle! Grind! We all have the same 24 hours in a day!

So we use our limited time in our hectic daily routine to power through and try to reach our goals, but we find it doesn’t work. We don’t see a change, or we burn out and we give up. Our body is resisting, and we’re wearing ourselves out.

Fortunately, nature has it mapped out for us. The moon is a mirror for your natural routine, helping you to remember when to go for it and when to hit the brakes (or at least slow it down a little). ALL self-care is beneficial, and when your body calls for it, swapping out a high-intensity cardio workout for a gentle yoga or stretch session will do you far more good than pushing yourself too hard. 

We can actually look at the moon’s cycle as one big workout that lasts for the entire lunar month (around 28 days). We have four distinct phases that each correspond to aspects of a workout, with each phases lasting around 7 days for your moon phase fitness. 



First Phase: Days 1-6 – New moon through waxing crescent

At the start of the lunar month, it’s time to plan and set goals for the month ahead. This doesn’t mean having to sit still, though!


Time to set intentions, and make way for some new energy! This involves setting objectives and calm meditation to help you tune into your needs, while setting goals for the month ahead.

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Another aspect of wellbeing that we often overlook is diet: stabilising our energy and eating the right foods. In our busy lives we often grab a meal that is easy and quick, or gives us a quick sugar boost – but not one that is good for us! Get ahead of the game and plan out a month’s worth of healthy meals and on-the-go snacks that have low GI and low sugar. This will stop energy spikes and crashes, as well as give you the nutrients your body needs. 



Second Phase: Days 7-13 – first quarter through waxing gibbous to full moon

Now we’re ready to start building momentum. As you begin to feel more active and outgoing, you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.

Group Classes

If you’re feeling more extroverted this week, get social with a local group activity, such as cycling, Zumba or HIIT.

Intensive Workouts

Focus on building strength with some kettlebell swings, mountain climbers, squats and lunges.

Sensual dance or movement classes

When the full moon hits, take advantage of those raw and powerful vibes to celebrate yourself at the peak of your emotional and physical energy.



Third Phase - Days 14-21 – through waning gibbous to last quarter

Now we’re starting the process of winding down after our burst of energy, so it’s an ideal time for some lower intensity activities.

Cycling / Mountain Biking

A leisurely ride out in nature at your own pace can get your heart pumping. If the weather isn’t great, try watching a YouTube nature cycle ride on a stationary bike.

Power Yoga

Rather than concentrating on poses, power yoga focuses on the flow from one pose to the next, making it a stronger workout that enhances stamina, flexibility, posture, and mental focus.


Being out in nature and tackling a mild-to-moderate climb in the local hills or woodland can be a great activity to keep ourselves alert and agile.



Fourth Phase: Days 22-29 – waning crescent through to dark moon

As we approach the new moon ready to start the cycle over again, our energy is diminishing even further, giving us cues to withdraw and rest.

Restorative Yoga

Ideal to help us release old energies to clear the way for fresh new vibes! The dark moon is the lowest point in our energy levels so the best time to indulge in some sleep yoga.


Flush out old static (and those pores!) with a good sauna sesh. Just remember (as always) to stay hydrated.


Enough sitting still, time to get moving (gently)! Some slow-flow yoga and gentle all-body stretches will ensure you’re limber when it comes time for more high-intense action. Take the time to get those poses right and your body will thank you.


Diluted essential oils (we recommend rosemary) and gentle massage can invigorate the muscles as well as the senses, increase blood flow and circulation, and give you soft moisturised skin.

Nature Walk

Your lung capacity improves during the later stages of your cycle, so a brisk walk will do you the world of good. Let your mind wander as you soak up some nature vibes.


What can we learn from matching our fitness to the power of the moon?

REMEMBER: you don’t have to go full pelt all the time. Give yourself permission to take it easier, and know that you will still see benefit from a range of self-care activities.


Now get ready to do it all over again! 


At Universal Movement we have multiple ways to support you with syncing your self-care routine and moon phase fitness. Discover our Moonlight rituals and manifest with the moon, or moon courses and check out our moon phase fitness, self care routine live classes here..

 Thank you for reading our blog about moon phase fitness. By Alexe Woods founder of UM methodology 

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