Full Moon in Taurus

Nov 07, 2022

This month’s full moon–also known as the Beaver Moon, a Native American name bestowed by the Farmer’s Almanac–signifies a time of gratitude for what we’ve achieved so far and manifestation for the things we still want.

It’s also a blood moon, a time for ‘shadow work’ – to look into the darker side of ourselves and let go of what’s holding us back so we can embrace the changes about to come into our lives.

To balance October’s solar eclipse, we’re also being treated to a lunar eclipse, which also brings transformative energy.

Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus, known for its connection to the divine feminine energy. Taurus is connected to the 2nd astrological house which is linked to our personal finances, material possessions and the concept of value. An Earth sign that keeps us stable and grounded, Taurus is a Fixed sign, acting as a stabiliser. It’s deeply connected to the loving kindness of the heart Chakra. 💚

Taurus influences the health of the ears, jaw, tongue and neck, including throat and vocal cords, thyroid glands and the senses.

Self-care for this full moon should focus on the neck with massage techniques. Practice alternate nostril breathing experience free movement and a yoga practice that stretches the neck area and opens the heart Chakra.

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