We invite you to a new vision in feminine movement though embracing cyclical living of the lunar phases, and seasons changes. By following our methodology you can tune into your unique magic and feminine power, feel reconnect and aligned to your mind body, soul, and the cosmos. All while replenishing, protecting and honouring your natural feminine energy. Universal Movement leads with our ceremonies and rituals to find your true, authentic self, enables you to find much needed time for yourself, to discover your goddess within.

Welcome to a new vision in transformational self-care, energy work & movement magic


Join us on a transformational  journey where we bring a fresh approach to self-care, through the lunar phases linked to our feminine energy and cyclical living though each Astrological month and seasons. 

Putting our Lunar and Cyclical  methodology into practice:

By following our weekly classes and live rituals and respecting your natural energy rhythm with the lunar cycle, where we dive deep into each astrological moon sign and it's links to the charka systems, elements, planets and much more, this bespoke and unique method is the first of its kind.  

 Our aim if to reconnect women to themselves inside and out finding there athletic path in the process with a new approach to movement by following our natural feminine energy movement cycle to move with the moon and know when its the right time to plan, create, manifest and most importantly stop to rest to honour our bodies needs.

Our classes are held in safe space for you to let go, and  connect to how you are no matter where you are on your personal healing or self-care journey. ✨


I am probably most known for creating London Dance Academy in 2005 – a large alternative dance school – 

Though at this time I regularly suffered with exhaustion by constantly pushing myself and not listening to my body, unfortunately like so many women do. I didn't know when to stop or make time for myself and self care seemed like a mystery to me. After 14 years I left my much love position as CEO at LDA and entered a world of motherhood with my daughter. I began to study alternative ways to recuperate energy levels, starting with our natural feminine energy rhythm  with the lunar phases, and living cynically. pecialised in Moonology, Charka dance, medical astrology, and Restorative Yoga Nidra. Over time I healed my burn out and then designed this method to help women rediscover themselves again, take back their power, reconnect to their bodies and understand their uniqueness and personal self care needs hidden in their star, moon and rising signs and our natural feminine energy by flowing with the magical highs and lows of the moon.

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