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Explore our unique wellbeing and fitness courses, masterclasses, self-care rituals, astrological guides, chakra and energy work covering movement of the body and meditation for the mind – all guided by the phases of the moon and the signs of the zodiac.

Current Moon Phase

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Our regular classes guided by the moon phases

Equinox 🍁 Special

Rainbow is a single mamma, a feminist scholar and a shamaness. She believes deeply in the power of restorative yoga to facilitate healing and empowerment.  Now she weaves womb and earth magic into her restorative yoga classes for others. Supporting connection with nature's cycles. Integrating the blessings of feminine wisdom to the deep rest brings a profound experience. 


New Moon

ITs time to get in balance under the sign of Libra â™Žï¸. This new moon class will guide you to set our intentions for the month ahead, and seize inspiration for your goals and plans ahead of us with clear vision.

This new moon intention setting and guided visualisation meditation class with help you achieve this, with our in house astrology expert Ester. ✨


First Quarter

This months class will be a soul lead movement flow where I will incorporate yoga poses in line with the astrological movements.

Give us the opportunity to dip deep within ourself mixed with free flowing dance to help us real ease all the tension and stagnant energy that’s no longer serving us. 🦋 


Full Moon

It's time to give gratitude under the full Hunter moon in the sign of Aries ♈️  and our first ever live full moon circle where we connect to the element of fire and the solar plexus chakra.

Aries is also ruler of our head. 

Experience visualisation techniques, breath of fire gratitude and a self care face yoga routineʉϬ


Last Quarter

This dynamic stretch and journaling 📓 ✨ practice will help you release stress and let go of tensions while moving with intention.

Designed for all levels to stretch and renew by in-house teacher Athena Wolf 🐺 🌙



Sun sign

Welcome to the mysterious Scorpio ♏️  season. 

At the start of the each sign’s solar season:

We offer some self-care guidance and tips.

Nutritional advice



Halloween 🎃 👻 

It's our favourite time of year.

We are delighted to announce a very special guest dance teacher will be joining us for our Halloween celebrations. 🧙 🔮

More info

coming soon. 


31st Oct  ðŸŽƒ Halloween

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