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New Moon phase


This meditation class in the sign of Aries with Astrology expert Ester guides you to set your intentions for the lunar cycle ahead, seize inspiration for your goals and plan with clear vision. 


First Quarter


Time for some action with an energetic routine in pilates, strength & conditioning HITT abs and chest workout specially designed to strengthen tone up under the sign of Cancer, ruler of womb, stomach & breasts.


Full Moon


It's time to give gratitude under the full pink moon in the sign of Libra. Join Alexe for a live full moon circle where we connect to the element of air and the heart chakra. Libra is also ruler of the lower back and hips. Experience visualisation techniques, stretch and a self care massage.


Last Quarter

It is the occasion to let ourselves go with a dynamic stretch under sign of Sagittarius and to reflect on our manifestation goals through journaling practice. This class is designed for all levels to help you release stress and tension with Alexe.


Dark Moon 


The end of the lunar cycle and one of the most important phases for us women: it's the hour to rest, reset and get ready for the next lunar cycle to come. Join Alexe for a restorative yoga class. 


Including Cosmic body classes for the month and Magical Guides 

Kundalini Yoga


Each sign's solar season, join Daisy for a highly spiritual practice that blends several different forms of yoga to focus on realigning and unblocking the seven chakras in the solar energy of the month. 

20th Mar β™“️ ARIES SIGN

Sun Sign

Aries season.

At the start of each sign’s solar season we offer a self-care, movement, nutrition and creativity guide with tips and tricks in the current solar sign, for the month ahead. 


20th Mar  ♓️ ARIES SIGN


"The mind shapes the body"

Each sign's solar season, you can join Susanna for a pilates practice that blends several different forms of Pilates that focus the solar energy of the month. Aries is the ruler of the head. 

20th Mar  ♓️ ARIES SIGN

Astro Wellness

With new institutor Kira our in-house medical Astrology expert.

24th Mar  ♓️ ARIES SIGN

Wheel of the Year Masterclass: Winter solstice 

Equinox Special

Join Alexe to celebrate the Spring Equinox and the start of the astrological new year, during this spring equinox we practice deep restorative rest and awaken! Replenish energy and plant seeds of intention. Supporting connection with nature's cycles. 


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